Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day weekend pics

We had a fun weekend for Father's Day. Sadie organized a picnic in out backyard for lunch and a second one on our living room floor for dinner while we watched the US Open. Eli is now up to 25 lbs and is sure to catch Sadie very soon.

Eli crawling

Monday, June 14, 2010

Eli pics from TN

Eli was hamming it up in TN. Here are some more pics

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Last day pics from TN

Family photo and a few pics from the Ewell's farm.

Eli's driving lesson

River video

Kids at the Ole Miss

The kids spent Friday morning at the Mississippi River. Lots of skipping rocks and fun.

Sadie and Eli at camp

More great pics from the kids week at camp.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Riding the tractor

The kids all rode on Uncle Ronnie's tractors and played in his truck. Eli and Sadie were brave and had a ball.


Eli and Sadie are little fish. Sadie prefers to swim by herself and is a daredevil chasing after her cousins. Eli doesn't blink an eye when splashed or tossed. Swim team ahead!

Cow video


Pop's b-day

Kids playing at Camp

The kids played on the dirt pile and loved running around the farm this week. Lots of nature with their cousins


The cousins got to feed Uncle Ronnie's cows this week. Moooooo!!!

Kids at Camp

Kids had a blast a the camp this week. They got to play with kids of other counselors and spend time with Gran/Pop. They loved the puppet show and seeing their mom and dad in skits (Sadie got upset when her mom started crying on stage!!)

Family time

The kids have spent a ton of quality time with family this week. They celebrated Pop's birthday and got to visit Aunt Mary.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The kids spent a couple hours in the morning and another hour before the dinner in the pool. Sadie proudly calls herself a fish and she is fearless. She swims about 10 feet under water and loves to jump off the side. Eli is content in the baby pool, but will likely be a fish soon!

Arrival of the Dirt Pile

Dirt pile!

The cousins reunited this weekend around a dirt pipe at Gran and Pop's. The kids spent hours climbing and digging. Great fun, especially for our city kid Sadie (Mom is proud!)