Wednesday, August 28, 2013

first day of school

sadie is in 1st grade
eli is in pre-k

knox? well, 
he's being homeschooled right now

one of the coolest things about living where we do 
is being able to walk to school 

sadie and ruby are in the same class!! 

the chaos of the first day

halls: around the farm

the kids rode the mule every chance they got,
pop mowed,
sadie rode her bike all around the farm, 
ed and eli made a tunnel in the dirt pile,
eli enjoyed the newest member of the family-
oliver the cat

halls: around the house

we did a lot of hanging out 
on the front porch,
sadie and gran made cookies and 
worked with her sewing machine,
stella joined us one day for an impromptu concert,
pop rocked knox to sleep several times

halls: God cloud

the last day we were swimming,
this is what we saw in the sky

sadie called it "the God cloud"

halls: swimming

of course (sadie's new favorite phrase),
we got in a lot of pool time

sadie is a fish
eli's so proud that he can touch the bottom!

halls: pottery shop

our trip wouldn't be complete if we didn't
make something in the pottery shop

kate painted plates and bowls gran had thrown
sadie made a swimming pool
eli made several cameras

halls: uncle johnny and aunt norma

we got to see one of uncle johnny's cows up close
and aunt norma's
cats and kittens
eli rode on the 4-wheeler with uncle johnny
and his dogs

the cousins
knox, sadie, stella, eli and nora
knox and nora

halls: chickens/deer