Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Play, play, play

Kids did everything on the farm, but drive Pop's truck.  Although Eli did get to wash it!

Tractors, horses and dinosaurs...oh my

Sadie's new bike was her highlight.  Eli and the cousins loved the dinosaur bones (aka deer skeleton).  Everyone warmed up to the horses after a while.  Great times on the farm.

More play in TN

The kids were great with Aunt Mary and were treated to more play on tractors and pottery!

Play time in TN

The kids had glorious weather in TN.  Lots of outdoor play.  Climbing trees, playing in the dirt and swinging.  Sadie was so proud of climbing her first tree (and survived her first fall when a rotten limb dropped her about 4 ft)

More cotton farming with Eli and Sadie

Uncle Ronnie let the kids play farmer and play in the tractor not to mention the cotton!

Kids cotton farming

The kids had a great afternoon with Uncle Ronnie at his cotton farm.  They got to ride the tractor and pick some cotton.