Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apple picking 500

The apple tractor ride was the hit of the trip.  Sadie and Eli were off to the races!

Apple picking 5

Glorious day provided a back drop for great pics with family and friends.

Apple picking 4

The trees were the right size for Eli and Sadie to get into the Apple picking. They ate, picked and ran wild.

Apple picking 3

The petting zoo was fun.  Eli got into it.  Sadie not so much

Apple picking 2

The highlights included the hay bales, tractor driving, the corn silo and  fun with Phillip and Kurt.

Apple Picking

The kids had a glorious day on Saturday.  We went apple picking 90 mins outside of Chicago.  Even mom and dad got into the fun

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sadie's first day of school

Sadie thrived in her first day of school. No tears from mommy or daughter!  She is excited for tomorrow.  

Milwaukee play time

We found a very cool playspace near our hotel in Milwaukee.  They had 10 different themed play areas for kids.  Eli and Sadie went nuts for 3 hours!

Train at the Zoo

Eli heard the train whistle at the zoo and was so excited.  We had a fun ride and the kids got into waving to all the other kids.

Milwaukee Zoo

We spent the weekend in Milwaukee.  One of the highlights was the zoo.  It was a pretty day and the kids loved the animals.


Back to school haircuts went well.  Eli still has the curls his mom loves.  Sadie is looking so grown-up!

Lunch on the porch

The kids love eating lunch outside with their mom.  Good food and scenery   

Nature Museum

The kids had a blast at the Nature Museum.  Butterflies are always a hit and the new bird viewing rooftop was fun.