Sunday, July 24, 2011

Upside down and baloons

Balloons and upside down at the park! The kids slept hard after Eli's big celebration.


Nothing better than going to the park with your Uncle Ben after ice cream!

Ice cream!

Eli dug into the birthday ice cream! Both hands and full face!

Train ride

Eli also rode on a choo-choo for his b-day Fun, fun, fun!

Zoo b-day

We spent the morning at the zoo. Eli got a Happy Birthday serenade, rode the carousel and saw gorillas and kangaroos.

Eli Bday

Eli started his b-day with a big pancake. Our big boy got the candles out by himself (lots of hot air- like his dad!)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Soaking Daddy

The kids had fun dousing their dad in the backyard. We took turns with the big bucket and dad took one for the team. Great fun on a hot day!


Sadie took on the water splashing contest full force. Eli and I were soaked.


Eli had a wonderful afternoon playing in the backyard. Spashing, laughing and being full on BOY!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sadie Scissorhands

The day after Sadie's birthday started with her cutting Eli's and her hair. Kate is not appreciating the Dumb and Dumber references to Eli's new doo.

Ice cream!

Sadie wanted ice cream and she got it all over her! Chocolate with sprinkles!!

Sadie B-day pics

We spent the day at the farmer's market and then in the backyard. Sadie's monster lollipop was only the beginning!

Sadie B-day

Sadie had a great 4th B-day. Beautiful day in Chicago started with pancakes and balloons then a run.